Electroneum The Mobile Cryptocurrency Simple to Handle Powered By an Application.

Electroneum’s future

Electroneum has a program which lets you handle your online funds by receiving and sending payments together with the ease of comfortable QR code scanning, but it goes into entirely new realms by providing the consumer a cryptocurrency mining experience, without the technical knowledge or specialist hardware that’s necessary for Bitcoin or Ethereum mining.

Electroneum App

Super Secure Unhackable Offline Wallets

Electroneum is raising money using a full sale ICO ( Initial Coin Offering) that will take Electroneum to the mass market. Electroneum represents an exceptional investment opportunity.If you’d like to become involved, head over t0 ICO Registration Page and log into ICO Manager that will let you buy Electroneum at a significant discount. Join The CrowdFunding.

Electroneum Crowdsale ICO

Transactions.Download the Electroneum App, and you may experience mining your initial Electroneum coins directly into your wallet in minutes!

Electroneum already constructed a customized Electroneum blockchain that enables us to launch many new, tumultuous, technologies and features to the cryptocurrency marketplace.
Raising Money Googling for Bitcoin Hack or Ethereum Hack command discover you dozens of tales of stolen cryptocurrencies. We have developed. You may create as many offline pockets as you like (free) and move the majority of your Electroneum to those wallets.They are impossible to hack.

If you envision every grain of sand on earth for a lottery the odds against someone obtaining access to an Electroneum offline wallet is, the same as these winning every single one of these lotteries at the same time. Create your offline portfolio(s) currently at https://www.electroneumworld.com.

Cryptocurrencies are so desperate to come through! The barriers to entry for the majority of individuals are too significant. Complex applications, GPU Mining rigs, delivering personal identification to odd websites. Electroneum makes it easy to get and utilize a super secure cryptocurrency with all of the advantages of Bitcoin and much more.

Electroneum App

Transactions in Electroneum are anonymous and happen. Did you know that anyone with your Bitcoin wallet speech can observe your transaction history, along with many bitcoin you have? Electroneum protects your transaction archives and wallet contents from prying eyes while leaving publicly available transaction leftovers available for the technically discerning to authenticate.