Smartphone Buying Guide, Tips to Purchase Brand New Mobile Phone

Purchasing an entirely new smartphone can be a tricky task if you don’t know much about the technology, cost, and accessibility of brands and their handsets. Others feel duped with the MRP at while some folks wind up purchasing the handset with features that are unsatisfactory. Here are some points to bear in mind.

1. Platform

Among the most critical consideration when purchasing a brand new smartphone is understanding about the cellular platforms they run on. There are three major mobile platforms popular all across the globe

Android: Available in most budget of smartphones from an affordable model to a high-end flagship handset. Android is all about the vision of Google towards the world; it has integration of services, most of the providers are free, it implies limited regarding sharing choices, Play Store has The majority of the free programs available for download.

Nokia mobile

IOS: Apple developed iOS, and it’s the most refined and limited mobile platform. It has an ecosystem of services and programs, but for many of them, you’ll need to pay a cost. It is available on iPhones and iPads.

Windows: Despite Microsoft’s attempt to push it forward in competition against rivals like Android and iOS, it has always lagged in programs department. But because Microsoft and Nokia mobile have spent a good deal on windows platform, the stage is fluid enough to perform all the tasks except gambling with hardware demands that are least. The app availability isn’t like the other two platforms, but eventually, it will catch.

Other platforms such as Blackberry OS, Firefox, etc. are still miles apart from those three platforms. However, BB OS of Blackberry is reliable enough to be the choice from the list and secure.

2. Brand

Selecting Brand is a must because it is going to play an essential part in deciding whether your handset will get updates, services, and high trade-in options or not. More is that the reach-ability for their clients providing solutions that are better, the brand is the odds that the handset will keep getting system upgrades for the next few months or years.

Samsung: The most massive smartphone maker with the broadest reach across states, the business has sufficient resources and money to support even a low-budget apparatus for a month or two.
Apple: The brand does not need any introduction, they’re the pioneers of smartphone production business using their iconic iPhone.

Sony, LG, and HTC are several other significant manufacturers that are reliable with Sony and LG with many service centers.

3. Budget that matches your pocket

Smartphones are available at all price points starting from low-budget to hefty high-end flagship smartphone. It all depends on requirements and your budget what you want. But if you’re currently thinking of an all-around performer in Android smartphones, it is far better to invest at least 20k INR, and INR is enough to fund if you would like to buy a smartphone in any Indian or Chinese manufacturer 15k.

4. Hardware and design

If you’re that person who wishes to show off the look of this telephone in your hand, then you may think about the metal body (HTC, Apple) or Poly-carbonate body (Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, and Apple). Metallic body adds a different feel when held, although poly carbonate is durable and resistant compared to the metal body against dents.

Concerning hardware,

Display: At least HD or total HD if purchasing any mid-range Android smartphone

Processor: At least high-end dual-core Krait chip or Quad core chip with MediaTek chipset or architecture, GPU is essential if you love gaming and other graphics jobs. Adreno 330 and 320 GPU Are ideal for gaming. However, you can rely on PowerVX GPU.

Nokia mobile

Storage and Memory: Always search for 1 GB or more RAM in the event of Android telephones, Windows phones can operate flawlessly with 512 MB RAM. Consider at least 16 GB of choice and memory of SD card that is micro If expansion alternative isn’t available, or 32 GB of storage. Again it depends upon your requirements you store on your handset.

5. Battery life and time that is Utilization

Among the critical element in smartphones is the battery life. The majority of the users become frustrated with the experience in their telephones. Battery life isn’t only about mAh or the battery; it is about getting more use and reach by time. Insist on having at limited 2300 mAh battery (excluding iPhones and windows telephones) and use period of at least 12 or more hours.