How to Get a Student Visa (for Indian Students)

That is an article implied written for the sake of the global students aspiring to study in America, generally for the Asian students and more especially for students from India. By the announcement of the embassy of United States in India’s spokesman, there are more than students.

Schools and Faculties in America admit pupils twice annually, during spring and autumn. Students apply for fall admissions. America has an open policy of welcoming students.

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Start planning for your entrance at least 12 months beforehand. You have to have a valid Passport at least one year.

You have to have the requisite educational qualification. If you’re asking for an MS class, you need to have a degree in the University Grant Commission recognized, Immigration Consultants In Chandigarh affiliated, or recorded University in India.

You have to pass the GRE test. Universities in the united states insist on GRE scores for admission. Based on University or the School, the price could be between Needs for two years of graduate following studies.

You want to show a sum equal to one year’s price in the shape of Bank deposit, and the source to finance the next year’s cost.
Find a way to show your intentions to return to your own country and establish your hyperlinks in your country of origin using property, individuals, etc.

Plan your program

August – Start inquiries about Universities, class structure, financial structure, financial aid, and other information. A summary was listing about 4 to 5 associations.

Use the Free Guidance and advice about the universities accessible at the United States India Education Foundation (USIEF) Attach. Copies of TOEFL, GRE, and examination transcripts. Send the applications that are entirely through international courier to the address that is proper having service. Continue to check the application’s status online occasionally.

April-June is the time you’ll receive your I-20 or rejection letter. Select college or your school, fill the form that is necessary and send it. Please send a regret letter that is courteous.

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